My Journey in Affiliate Marketing

Reflecting on my first 3 years in the world of affiliate marketing has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride! I faced countless challenges from lack of experience to losing cash on rubbish products and empty promises, but it’s those very struggles that shaped me into the savvy marketer I am today.

When I embarked on this path, I knew learning the techniques was crucial. From mastering SEO , email and social media marketing to understanding the art of negotiation and persuasion, every milestone was hard-earned. But guess what? I made it through and now thrive in this dynamic industry!

The truth is, affiliate marketing CAN be quite easy AFTER you have learned the correct skills. However it seems that very few people are willing to take the time and energy to learn. This is of course also related to this “it is so easy” ad culture. There is a sense of “you just need the right product and sales will fly”. This keeps people on the hook and buying more….. it is called shiny object syndrome in the business.

Now I am successful than the majority of marketers, and the reason for that is because I work in a way that shows the “little fish” or the new marketer that they do not have to get involved in the methods that make 95% of people fail. There is another way.

For this reason I focus on teaching people how to make consistent affiliate sales with just a few products. I do not bombard people with emails or social media posts that share “the latest affiliate products”. Instead I focus on reaching high level income with a few products that have stood the test of time.

By focusing on just a few things in this way, I have learned what works and what does not work. I have also gained a very good reputation for not sharing products that are poor quality just so I can make a few $$$…… unlike many affiliates in this niche.

If you read my previous blog posts you will know that my plan for this blog is to share with you my own methods, and to teach and guide you on reaching high level income as an affiliate. I will provide you with blog posts that work for me day in and day out to get sales. I will also tell you exactly what you need to post on your own blog, and when.

I truly look forward to helping you to progress in this industry. I look forward to teaching you that failure is not acceptable, and to provide you with all the guidance you will ever need.

To follow my plan you will need a couple of accounts. The first is the platform which will allow you to publish your own blog. Click here to join the site I recommend  if not already done so. It is free for 7 days, then just $10 a month.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or disheartened on your own affiliate journey, remember that perseverance pays off! Keep pushing forward, learning from each obstacle, and soon, success will be yours too!

I found that in my experience success comes to those that put in the effort to get results.

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