Our Suggested Earning Plan

We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to join each of our paid team build programs. This of course helps to maximize income levels for everyone as more people can join our paid programs.

We fully understand some people may be worried about the monthly fees for our team builds, and are not sure about being able to cover the costs initially. Here is a suggestion to help with this:

Use Team Build Machine to cover costs of GDI. That is what it is there for…..

Use Faucet Wave, Timebucks, Ads By UAP, and Paid Verts to work on earning the $50 upgrade for UAP initially. You can join each of these sites via the rotators on Team Build Machine. Make sure you also have your ref links added to the rotators on Team Build Machine so that helps you with referrals for these sites to increase earnings.

Use upgraded UAP monthly profits of $10+ to cover monthly costs of Got Back Up. Use the free sites to earn the $20 affiliate fee for Got Back Up after you have upgraded on UAP.

When you have 2 upgraded referrals on UAP that will also cover the monthly cost of Great Life. Again you can use the free sites to cover the initial affiliate fee.

Remember the team build sites will take a little time to build your income levels, but will soon cover their own costs and then continue to build. You just need to use the free sites plan at first to help you hold your place while we keep building the downlines.

Of course, as the free site income levels also build with our referral system, these sites can then be used to pay for traffic site upgrades etc. They are a very effective way to move into automated team building systems over time.

If everyone follows this plan our team builds income will never stop growing 😉

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