Start Working On Traffic Generation

When you have your Leadsleap system all set up, the only thing you have to do next is to generate traffic to the Lead Capture Page.

The first traffic site I always recommend and use for any new campaigns myself is Hungry for Hits.

You will find the guidance on how to add a capture page link to Hungry for Hits in this blog post:

Team Building First Steps

You can stick with just using Hungry for Hits, or you can add your page to more and more traffic sites. Doing this will get you more subscribers and more referrals much faster than only using a single traffic site.

I am going to encourage all team members to add links for their traffic sites to the ads section of Team Build Machine…… so look there for traffic sites to join! If you use traffic sites already then do add your links to TBM – you can now earn more than $10 a month there, so use the remainder to promote your traffic sites to other members. Doing this will earn you more commission…… and you should ALWAYS be promoting traffic sites to help you earn more.

My advice is to work on a few traffic sites at one time, and aim to earn the upgrade from surfing (or of course use your own funds if you prefer). Upgrade on 1 site, let that take care of your traffic on autopilot, then add another site to your routine. Keep following that routine and you will soon have a huge amount of traffic.

I will add a new post to this guide for using mailers ASAP…… and will provide some emails you can use too.

Using Mailers For Traffic Generation

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