This $20 Business will earn for you every week


I almost let this pass by… but the opportunity just looked so good. Here in this photo is a few of the team members’ income dashboard shots.


This is the most amazing opportunity that I have seen so far. It is amazing for a number of reasons:

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Some try to say it is an MLM, but it isn’t… MLM’s require you to maintain a certain level of business volume or personal volume in sales to qualify for a commission… This DOES NOT have any minimum requirement for you to buy any product, but the products are great and as a member, you get them at a discount.
No need to recruit people to make money with this opportunity… you just sign up for free, upgrade for $20 a month and then stick it out for 90 days and the results will be great!! You will be placed in a matrix and others will be placed in the matrix under you without you actually recruiting them. Some people do this and don’t recruit at all and still earn an income from it… to the tune of $3279 a month with a full matrix.
You do not have to sell any products at all or even required to buy them yourself. As MLM’s would require in order for you to keep up your volume for the commission. Here you do not!! It is totally up to you if you decide to buy any yourself… and their products are great and many members highly recommend them.
The affiliate compensation plan is AWESOME!!! This is just the opportunity in a nutshell. There is so much more to this… check it out

… this is a little more than 2 minutes of your time… it is a no brainer to me… even if you do nothing with it… $20 a month is just a dinner to your favorite πŸ•or starbucks or netflix subscription and it could help pay some of your monthly bills.
Why wouldn’t you??

See you on the inside

Michael πŸ™‚

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