Creating An Automated Money Generation Machine

Its funny to me now when I think back to how much I struggled to make money online when I started out on my journey. Yet now I can spend a couple of hours creating an automated money generation machine, and it practically prints money on demand.

I truly wish that someone had taken the time to teach me how to do this many years ago, so here I am setting it all out for you.

The Parts of Your Money Generating Machine

You need to have several things to allow you to set up your money generation machine. These are vital for your success:

An account with Leadsleap – click to join here for free

Lead Capture Pages – set up inside Leadsleap account

Email Lists – set up inside Leadsleap account

A Blog – Click here to join the site I recommend for this.

Offers that convert well into commission – The first one I recommend is:

100 Percent Clicks

Fully Automated Traffic – Click here to join the first site I recommend for this.

Setting Up Your Campaign

This has a series of steps, this is the order I follow:

Step 1 = Write a blog post that tells the reader something about the offer you want to promote. Do NOT try to sell the product, talk about what it does and why you like it, or focus on teaching how to use it.

Here is a blog post that I use to promote 100 Percent Clicks: Is There A Way To Earn $10 in 1 hour 100% Free? You have my permission to take a copy of or replicate any part of that blog post ONLY if you have joined MY TEAM on Global Domains International. I can and will take legal action for copyright infringement in other cases.

Click This Link To Join My Team on Global Domains International

Step 2 = Create a Lead Capture Page. The capture page I use is this one: The import code for this is: page-aXZwWffwWWw

Click Here For Instructions on Importing A Capture Page Into Leadsleap

Step 3 = Create an email list and connect to capture page. You will also get the instructions on how to do that in the blog post linked above.

Step 4 = Write a welcome email that directs your email subscribers to your blog post. I will talk about this in more detail in my next blog post so you can copy it. Note that you DO NOT NEED to write follow up automated emails. I use the broadcast feature to send out a daily email to my subscribers now instead and it is MUCH more effective. This method keeps emails up to date and relevant, and prevents overwhelm and confusion.

Step 5 = Use fully automated traffic sources to promote your lead capture page.

Click Here For Information on How To Add Your Lead Capture Page to Infinity Traffic Boost

Getting A Constant Flow of Affiliate Sales

After you have set up your automated money generation machine as directed above, the only thing you need to do is work on increasing the amount of traffic that goes to your lead capture page.

I will be explaining exactly how to do that in a future blog post.

Michael Keep

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