How to Build a Regular Monthly Income

Yesterday I asked a question on my Facebook profile – “What would make your life better”? Most people responded with a monthly income goal…..

So how do you build a regular monthly income online?

There are 2 different ways really:

Focus on a daily income system where you complete the same kind of work over and over again – something like completing surveys is a good example. Another example is making daily affiliate sales.

If you can earn $10 a day from this activity you will earn $300 per month.
However this system is usually very time intensive AND it can be very difficult to increase monthly income past a specific level.

Considering most people are unable to generate daily sales it is also hard to provide a regular predicable income using the affiliate method as well.

The second method is using monthly billed accounts that pay you commission on referral purchases.

As many people struggle to get referrals for any program, this is often ruled out by them.

It seems like a difficult task, then to reach a regular monthly income from either method…

My solution is to use BOTH methods at the same time.

Use daily earning systems to reach a small but regular monthly amount.
Pay monthly fees from this earning.
Teach others to do the same.

Earning just $0.35 a day is pretty easy to achieve in comparison to $10 or $20 a day.
$0.35 a day = $10 a month.

That means if you spend a little time each day doing simple tasks like ad clicks to earn $0.35 per day, you can pay for a monthly account…… and SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE.

Suddenly getting people who are willing and able to pay a monthly fee becomes a LOT easier.

This is why I suggest creating a daily earning routine that earns pennies per day.
That is all you need.

If you also work on getting referrals who follow the same daily routine, well you are building a referral system in advance where everyone can pay that monthly fee…..

This is why I am able to build a monthly income account like GDI so easily when most people fail….. It is also why I know for a fact that I can and will gain thousands and thousands of team members. I have already got thousands of people earning daily income using free sites.

I simply need to move those people into the monthly paid accounts.

Earning $10 a month is simple.
Complete ad clicks daily to earn it.
Then use GDI to reach $1000+ per month.

Simple and effective…..
If you are ready to move from daily income to building monthly income
You need to join us here:

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I will not let you fail when you follow my system.
It is perfectly created for long term success.

Use this chat group to share your progress.
That will encourage others to join and to stay active with the ad clicks too.
Do not simply share your referral link and hope someone will join you.
Help to TEACH others what to do.
Provide encouragement and support.
Answer questions.

Michael 🙂

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