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One Team, One Goal is a community of people who have come together with the aim of helping all of our members to succeed online. We began working on this goal on 1st January 2024. By 20th January we had over 2000 people interested in taking part.

The main vision we have is to join together as a single team with each person doing a small amount of work to benefit everyone as a whole. Our members come from a diverse variety of backgrounds – different countries, different experience levels and different financial situations.

Our ethos is to work with EVERYONE, regardless of where they live, or what they have or do not have.

Experience and funds are not required as we can and will provide guidance about every aspect of working online, including how to start for free. No-one is left without support or guidance to move forward and achieve individual earning goals.

You can join One Team, One Goal at any time via our Facebook Group, via our website Team Build Machine and via our email list as well.

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This blog is used to provide information and training to all of our members.

To your Success

Michael Keep

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