Make Money From Day 1 with One Team, One Goal

The system that we follow as a team starts with using free sites to earn a small amount of money every day. This is important for many different reasons, and it is key to the success of the team.

Not only does the use of free sites allow those with no funds to join us, they help to create consistent work routines, and provide an ever growing advertising budget too. Most important is the fact that everyone can make money with free sites, regardless of experience levels.

First Earning Target

The first earning target for new members to work on, is earning $0.35 per day. This covers the cost of the first team build program we use = $10 per month.

To earn $0.35 per day, you should join Team Build Machine. This site was created specifically to provide a simple and free method to get started with One Team, One Goal.

Click Here To Join Team Build Machine

To start earning on Team Build Machine, you should use the View Advertisements section of the site. To find this section click on the Earn Money tab, then View Advertisements:

In the view advertisements section you will see multiple ads which are called Referral Rotator Ads. These are high paying ads so you can earn $0.35 per day quickly and easily.

Each of these ads also advertise additional free sites which you should join, then send your referral link to the admin. This will help you to gain referrals on each of the free sites, and that will gradually increase your daily income levels.

You can easily reach earnings of another $0.50 per day from using these additional free sites with no referrals. Those funds will pay for team build program number 2.

It will take no longer than 30 mins per day to use all of the free sites. Completing simple ad clicks on each site is sufficient for our earning plan, though you can earn higher amounts by doing surveys and paid tasks.

Note that you will be able to earn $1000+ from each of the free sites over time. Daily earnings will keep increasing with each active referral you gain.

How To View the Paid Ads

To get paid for viewing the ads on Team Build Machine, you will need to view the “unlock ad” first. Click on the banner at the top of the page:

A new page will open, with a timer at the top of the page. This page clearly states that you need to be a member of our team build program to be able to withdraw funds from Team Build Machine. There is also a link on this page to join GDI which is the first team build program we use.

I will explain more about this program in another blog post.

Wait until you see the images appear in place of the timer, and click on the upsidedown image to complete the view:

When this is completed, the paid ads will be unlocked. You can now click those ads to earn $0.35 per day.

You complete the ad clicks in the same way. Click the ad, wait for the image to appear, when you get the green tick, you will have been paid:

On the Referral Rotator Ads you will see a large coloured box to click on to join the site being advertised:

Remember to join each site and send your referral links to the admin on Team Build Machine. Your links will be added to the rotators so other members will join using your links.

Note that you do have to actually use each site to have your link included in the rotators. You will not earn anything from referrals if you are not using each site yourself.

The free sites in this plan provide a first step to earning online that anyone can use effectively. In addition the referral rotator system will allow you to earn more and more from doing the same amount of work.

They provide a perfect gateway to joining our team build programs where you will earn a much higher monthly income over time.

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